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Welcome to Q.E
Qurum Equestrian  is every horse rider's dream. The Equestrian School is one of the best equipped in the Sultanate of Oman  and provides facilities for every discipline of horsemanship, and at every level of experience.

The stable is home to 46 happy horses and ponies of which a few are privately owned or on lease.

From the beginner to the expert, horse riding at Q.E offers a new level of instruction, of experience and of enjoyment.
The Equestrian staff and trainers  are  fully-qualified specialising in  horse riding programmes, including , trail riding, beach rides and jumping classes.
Qurum Equestrian proudly offers:

- a membership scheme allowing the students substantial discounts on the lessons as oppose to the usual price

- a variety of classes catering for all levels and ability in private or small group lessons

- beach rides and jumping classes for the more experienced riders and a pony-club for the little ones more details.......
Why  join ?
provides significant benefits for individuals, companies or organisations by developing and enhancing various skills whilst also providing a rewarding and challenging experience for participants.

The use of horses not only offers benefits for business but also provides a unique environment for relieving stress and anxiety.  Horses hold symbolic qualities such as leadership, strength and beauty, they do not judge and have no agenda with us but simply reflect back to us our internal and external perceptions.  They guide us to explore the gap between how we actually present ourselves to others and how we think we are being.

By working with the horse and appreciating his thoughts/emotions we develop communication skills often lost in the modern world.  Horses prove to be invaluable teachers and healers.